Website Design

Detail, detail and more detail! There are hundreds of thousands of websites on the internet these days. The one thing that separates them all is the detail. Here at Infinite Creations, we do our absolute best to customize and personalize your website. No matter if you have a grand idea that you want to bring to life online or even if you don't know where to start, our designers are here and willing to make your website successful. Your Satisfaction is our #1 Goal! Ask us today how you can get a website built for just $300.
Search Engine Optimization

How popular is your site? Learn the simplicity of keywords, meta data and link popularity to establish yourself on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing! We also set up tracking reports and website analysis to monitor how well your website is performing. Learn who is visiting your website, where in the world your website is being viewed and even which devices and browsers your website is being viewed on. We can send you these reports on a weekly or monthly basis! (note: fees may apply)
Custom Designs

Looking for a unique appearance on the web? Let our custom websites help you out with that. We will customize everything from the visuals and graphics, all the way to the content that appears on your website. That's right! We have professional writers as well as designers. Need help writing content for your website? No worries, as this is a free service with all websites that we build. Not only will you have an amazing looking website to read, but your graphics and navigation will be just as amazing. We want you to relax and to feel at ease knowing your custom website is in good hands. Oh yeah, did we mention all custom websites come with free layout approvals before the website enters the coding stage? View your website in the early stages so you know exactly what you are expecting before the fun work begins.

Every website has to come from somewhere on the internet. If you have hosting already, that's great! We will work with you, no problem! But, if you are new to the hosting world, it's okay, our servers are fast and powerful. Have an update that needs to appear online ASAP? No problem as our servers are quick to respond and your update will take just minutes to upload.
Email Set Up & Email Marketing

Every successful business should have a good emailing system to receive customer inquiries and responses. We can assist you with this! Choose from one of our packages and receive your own emailing system. Our emailing systems provide you with everything you need. Out-of-Office notifications, autoresponder emails and other important email tools for your business are available to you. Don't stop there!

We also offer email marketing which has proven to be a very effective tool in today's advertising world. We'll create the designs and send it out to your emailing list. You can sit back and relax and observe the orders and responses that come pouring in. We can customize the layout of your emails to match your website or you can choose from one of our templated layouts as well. Contact us today for a free quote!

Before we begin any project, we like to get to know who we are having the pleasure of working with. This not only allows quicker processing times, but helps us serve you better. Our representatives can provide you with all the tools necessary for you to get your business off the ground and running. Contact us via phone or email to learn more on how we can help you. A rep will be more than happy to walk you through our processes and provide feedback for growing your business. At that time, our clients can take advantage of content strategies, business growth strategies, social media marketing, search engine optimization, website fundamentals, and much more. Learn more about our packages and consultations today!
Social Media Strategies

Everywhere you look online, you can't help but notice some form of social media. Whether it comes in the form of Facebook, Twitter or other style of online media, it is important to incorporate it in today's online appearance. Our representatives will assist you in finding out what is the best options for your online media. Need help setting up an account? No problem! We will not only set an account up for you, but maintenance it as well. If time is an issue for you, let one of our representatives update your social media profile for you. (Note: there is a monthly fee for this service)
Website Packages

We've come to the best part of all! Here at Infinite Creations, we've taken the initiative to set up some ideal packages that include some of the services we offer. We've put our thinking caps on and came up with packages that will cater to all clients. Take a look...

When it comes to advertising, no one knows better than YP, which has teamed with us in producing the best online advertisements around. If you are looking to be number one on google or looking to produce more revenue with banner ads, you've come to the right place. Not only can YP create the perfect placement for your banner ads, they can also reach mobile users as well. With mobile phones becoming one of the most effective ways to communicate these days, mobile advertising is a very affordable and efficient way to collect new clients and advertise your business. Email us for the full list of services and how we can advertise for you.
Logo Creation
Branding and more branding! One can't brand without an identity. Here is where we come in! We take pride in helping our clients find their online identity. Color schemes, fonts and images, oh my! Don't worry, we'll help guide you through every step of the way. There are hundreds of styles and color combinations to help create the perfect look for you. In the end, you will have one of the many first steps in identifying your business.
Website Maintenance

We love to keep a good relationship with each one of our clients. That's why we've set up a list of free updates. Yes free! As long as you are in a contract with us, your website is eligible. Check here for a full list of services. Along with the free updates, we have established some maintenance packages for clients who will need continuous updates on their websites. No need to pay us every time you have an update/change request. Set up a monthly maintenance package that contains a set of hours on your account. Give us a call and we'll use those hours to update your website as needed. It's as simple as that. Learn more about our maintenance packages and how they work.
Ecommerce Designs

Thinking about selling products online? Well we've got some good news for you. Using a very reliable shopping cart named Big Commerce, we have made this simple for you. Choose from tons of different website layouts for your online store. This shopping cart is very reliable and secure for all your purchasing needs. You will be able to customize the look of your website as well as set up login accounts for your employees. If that isn't enough, this shopping cart comes with up-to-date analysis reports for each of your product's performances. What's hot and what's not, sort of speak. Again, we take care of everything for you. Feel at ease knowing your online store is secure and taken care of. Contact us today for more information.
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